Event DateApptEvent Name
5/12/2017   Spectrum Exhibitor Booth & Sponsorship Registration
6/28/2017   Summer Membership BBQ (Eugene)
6/28/2017   New Hire (Portland)
6/29/2017   Client Trust Accounts (Portland)
7/11/2017   Strengthening Front Line Skills for Maintenance (Portland)
7/12/2017   CAM: Resident Experience (Portland)
7/12/2017   HR Issues: Employee Coaching (Portland)
7/14/2017   It's the Law: Smokin’ Hot: Marijuana and Your Rights (Portland)
7/18/2017   Forms and Notices: Move In
7/20/2017   PDX Charity Golf Tournament
7/21/2017   Eugene Brown Bag Series “Preventative Maintenance” (Eugene)
7/27/2017   CAM: Industry Essentials & Financial Management (Portland)
7/27/2017   Understanding Maintenance for Managers (Portland)
7/31/2017   EPA Lead-Based Paint: Renovation, Repair - REFRESHER (Portland)
8/1/2017   REAC/Preventative Maintenance Training (Portland)
8/2/2017   Landlord Study Hall: FED’s From Filing to Lockout (Portland)
8/7/2017   Landlord Tenant Law Part I (Portland)
8/8/2017   CAMT: Interior/Exterior (Portland)
8/8/2017   NSPF® CPO® 2 day Certification Class (Portland)
8/9/2017   HR Issues: Employee Separation (Portland)
8/9/2017   Fair Housing 101 (Portland)
8/11/2017   It's the Law: FEDs: Mastering the Evictions Process (Portland)


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