Event DateApptEvent Name
9/13/2016   Multifamily NW Defense Fund
9/28/2016   Fair Housing 101 - Webinar
5/1/2017   Landlord Tenant Law Part I (Portland)
5/3/2017   Landlord Study Hall: I Can’t Believe I Did That: Avoiding Common Landlord Mistakes (Portland)
5/4/2017   Landlord/Tenant Law - Eugene
5/9/2017   CAMT: Electrical Part I (Portland)
5/10/2017   HR Issues: Using Salary Surveys (Portland)
5/10/2017   Vivienda Justa 101 - Española (Portland)
5/12/2017   It's the Law: Time to Part Ways: Terminating the Tenancy (Portland)
5/15/2017   Landlord Tenant Law Part II (Portland)
5/16/2017   Fair Housing for Leasing (Portland)
5/17/2017   CAM: Legal Responsibilities (Portland)
5/17/2017   Maintenance Tips, Tricks & Pitfalls (Portland)
5/17/2017   Unit Inspections and Turnover Techniques (Salem)
5/18/2017   ACE Awards Ceremony - Tickets & Sponsors
5/18/2017   Fair Housing General & Dealing with Difficult People (Bend)
5/22/2017   EPA Lead-Based Paint Renovation Certification 8-Hour (Portland)
5/23/2017   CAMT: Electrical Part II (Portland)
5/30/2017   Fair Housing: Pest Control (Portland)
5/31/2017   Forms and Notices: Violation & Termination (Portland)
6/6/2017   Electric Water Heaters
6/6/2017   Fire, Smoke Remediation (Portland)
6/7/2017   CAMT: Air Conditioning (Portland)
6/7/2017   Landlord Study Hall: Changing Landscapes: After the 2017 Session (Portland)
6/9/2017   It's the Law: For Cause Notices: How to Get Them Right, the First Time (Portland)


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